A One Year anniversary Hike up Mont Rochelle

I had the honour to be Simon and Imogen's wedding photographer on 16 December 2018 and exactly a year later they decided to celebrate their anniversary back in Franschhoek.  In light of paper being the gift for your one year anniversary here is how these two rock stars planned their adventure; 

Simon and I wanted to make our first wedding anniversary memorable - and it has already become such a fond memory. We commissioned Marli to go on an adventure with us. We journeyed back to Franschhoek where we were married and missioned up the mountains. We hiked up for 3 hours up a steep steep slope(we thought the hike would only take an hour max). We had no idea where we were going and wondered if we had taken the wrong path once or twice. However our perseverance was rewarded. We alighted to one of the most spectacular views I have ever seen. 

At the top of the mountain I gifted Simon with his gift - a paper picnic (including our wedding cake which I had saved and frozen for the year served on paper plates) and Simon gifted me a hand written love letter. We gifted ourselves the gift of documenting this evening on (paper) photos with the help of our favourite photographer. 


We spent so much time at the top in the beauty that we landed up doing the hike down completely in the dark. But it was all totally worth it!!  Marli, thank you for coming on this crazy and not at all easy adventure with us .  We had so much fun and we have the best memories now. We would never have done it without your wild energy and we’re excited by the prospect of so many more adventures to come.



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