Cape Town, Western Cape, RSA

Jess first contacted me the week my brother got engaged and they were considering to have their wedding during March. Luckily the stars aligned, my brother chose April for their wedding and Jess and Ross was awesome enough to wait and book me as their wedding photographer.


Jess always knew that she wanted her wedding to be somewhere special, and what better place than in her aunt's garden with the beautiful mountain overlooking all the festivities. This day was such a special celebration and not even the rainy weather could dampen their excitement to say 'I do' in front of all their loved ones.

I don't recall it ever raining this hard during March, to such an extent that their reception tent's roof started leaking mid-speeches and half the guests had to help channel water and prevent the DJ booth from washing into the swimming pool. Toto's - Africa definitely has a new meaning to me ;) 

Everything about this day was perfect and to top this, these two share a love so sincere that when they first saw each other in the chapel it felt like galaxies shifted and time stood still. Their day was filled with so much joy and laughter that their future together can only be filled with endless blessings (I mean it poured on their wedding day and is seen as good luck in some cultures).


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