How to support your favourite photographer during a world pandemic

I get it, you are probably over hearing and seeing posts regarding the pandemic and reading about how industries are crashing. We are amidst heavy and dark times and I don't blame you if you feel like switching off. The last few months had everyone reeling to comprehend what this 'new normal' entails and a lot of small businesses had to re-evaluate what the rest of 2020 will offer regarding an income / some financial relief.

Being a full time (self-employed) wedding photographer, I've had days were I also had to question the sustainability of my business. Alas, having served my time in corporate and seeing how friends are losing their jobs, I've come to the conclusion that small businesses are in the best position to pivot and survive. For the next few years, your normal operations and offerings might shift to something a little different, but you have a skill set which can offer solutions to specific problems. I am still figuring out what this entails for my own business, but I am REALLY optimistic that this pandemic is a blessing in disguise.

In these times it is important for us all to be a beacon of hope to others. One of the best ways to offer support to small businesses is to show up and promote their services to your friends and family. The impact that word of mouth referrals can have on a bottomline is greater than you would think. One booking during these times can mean that a small business can keep their lights on for another week / month. Therefore I'd love to share some insight how you can support your favourite photographer, and any other small business, in these difficult times.

An easy way to show support to your favourite photographer is to leave them a positive review. If you have worked with Marli Koen Photography in any capacity and would like to leave me a kind review, you can do so by clicking on the following links Facebook | Google

Consider the following aspects when writing your review. Elaborating on these as listed below will be helpful to future clients / customers before they confirm a booking with their photographer;

  1. How was the experience working with me in general?

  2. What type of photographer am I - unobtrusive / provided guidance when needed / approachable and fun?

  3. General response time on emails and any other communication

  4. On the day services - was I prompt / easy to work with / friendly to all the guests and other service providers / am I approachable when timelines ned adjustment / able to accommodate sudden changes and skilled to think on my feed under pressure?

  5. Your thoughts on your final images?

If you are not camera shy and keen to record a video to share on your Instagram Stories, this is a great way to support your favourite photographer / small business. Record a quick video, chatting about their services and your experience with them. Remember to tag your photographer (@marlikoenphoto) / small business so we can share the mention on our profile too.

A simple act of posting some of your favourite images on your Instagram feed / on your Facebook Profile or sharing your favourite images from your photographer's feed in your IG Stories, can make a remarkable difference. A simple share brings more eyes on our work and could potentially lead to a new booking. Five minutes of your time (and not costing you any money) could help your favourite photographer / small business through these difficult times.

While we are stuck indoors, let's turn mindless scrolling into a positive contribution. If you see your favourite photographer posted something new, or has a promotion or sale; please comment, like and share. The little exposure will go a long way and assist in keeping us in business.

Most photographers are not able to shoot or do any photographic work during a National Lock Down which means they have no income. If you are able, or have a life event you won't be able to celebrate during this time, please book your favourite photographer for a future date. Most of us offer vouchers, which also allows you to purchase a session as a gift to a friend or family member.

Most brides plan to print their photos or order albums after their honeymoon, but life get's in the way and it doesn't happen. Now, is the perfect time to support your favourite photographer. Order prints and albums to be shipped after the lock down is lifted. It might seem like a small contribution, but it will keep their business running and provide them with something to keep busy and sane ;)

Initially when the pandemic was announced on a global scale, most of rushed around to safeguard ourselves. As time passes I'm starting to realize we desperately need each other to get through these dark times. If you are able, have the time or the means, get in touch with your favourite service providers and hear if they need help. It's not human nature to ask for help, and we are more prone to accept when it's offered. Let's give some virtual love today!

Stay safe fam x


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