Neo Venue, Kleinevalleij, Wellington

It's been a while since I've worked at Kleinevalleij and I was quickly reminded why Wellington is such an epic location - just look at these mountains! 

This season, I was really blessed with amazing clients. Gustave and Charné is no exception. These two really have hearts of gold and I quickly grew really fond of this pair. 

The most incredible thing about their wedding - this was the only day in 2 weeks where the clouds cleared and rain stayed at bay. They were showered with so much love that son this felt more like a summer than winter wedding. Gustave and Charné are made for each other, it was clear from the moment they laid eyes on each other down the aisle. Enjoy some of my favourite moments;


Neo Venue, Kleinevalleij | Dunstone Manor House (Ladies Prep) | 5 Mountains Lodge (Gents Prep) | Flowers by Emma Knoetze | Stationary by Marli Fouchee | Decor by Goeters + Hire4U | MUAH by Marli Basson | Catering by Slippery Spoon | Dress by Tannie Griet de Villiers | Bridesmaids Dresses by Forever New | Videography by Fraser Schenk | DJ Gideon | Assistant Kirsten Goslett



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