Langkloof Roses, Wellington, RSA

Rafe and Melanie met and started dating when they were still at school in Cape Town. It is very rare these days to witness a couple surrounded by such a strong group of friends - of which most went to school with them and travelled the world together during uni. Most times, I find it awkward to try an subtly document such bonds, but this squad of friends welcomed me into their inner circle and I felt like I knew them for just as long. 


As a photographer it was so easy to connect with these two. They have a calm presence -  a wisdom - which is hard to describe and it was mesmerising to see how the two of them connect in an extremely subtle, yet strong manner.

I was overjoyed to shoot a wedding for once which chose non - white / non traditional decor. The manor house of Langkloof was filled with intense pops of colour and the seating arrangements were worked out according to the countries they have travelled to and the people holding significance to these geographical parts. The colour palette was also translated into the bridesmaid attire and I LOVED that all the groomsmen wore their favourite pair of sneakers - literally adding meaning to theSqueaking Takkie bound to happen on the dance floor later that evening. 


This wedding was truly a pivotal point in my career as a wedding photographer and for this I am forever grateful.



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