Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Marc fell in love with Estee at first glance - there is a background to this story. I'll leave this to share along with their wedding images, just know it's the type of story movie scripts are based on. 

Seeing that this is their engagement session, I'd much rather share how Marc popped the question. Both Estee and Marc moved their loves to Dubai for work. Estee has a twin sister and whilst she was out shopping with a friend, her sister kept phoning to ask when Estee will be going home...

Eventually she arrived back at her apartment, to be greeted by a packed bag and Marc with plane tickets to Kenya (more specifically the Maasai Mara National Reserve). On this romantic spur of the moment trip, Marc arranged for a hot air balloon ride across the African plains, where he popped the question to a very unassuming Estee.

Guys, get tips from Marc! He is a romantic genius :) Seeing that the pair are constantly surrounded by dunes in Dubai, we opted for an afternoon of mountains at Kirstenbosch to document their engagement; 



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