Cape Town, RSA

My family relocated from the Karoo to Stellenbosch when I was in grade 9. They enrolled me in an all girls high school (such a shock to a tomboy), but the new school assigned a friend to ease me into the transition. This friend also happens to be the older sister to the gorgeous Rozelle as pictured below.  

I was over the moon when Roz and Jeandre first emailed me about their engagement and super excited when they

booked me for their big celebration early next year in the stunning Paarl. These two are the cutest pair. They were keen for any photo suggestions and I had moments of gasping when Rozelle floated on rock / overhanging cliffs whilst wearing heels. 

I adore exploring Cape Town with my couples and this afternoon we were blessed with fog / mist, beautiful light as well as candy floss clouds as the sun dipped below the horizon. 



Cape Town, South Africa  |  |  @marlikoenphoto

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