Joubertsdal Country Estate, Swellendam

In the words of Khalil Gibran; 'Life without love, is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.' Ezoné and Jan-Bernard's love is not a single fruit tree, but a whole orchard of beauty.


When we arrived at the venue on a sunny Saturday in March, we were greeted by a super excited bride running across the lawns shouting, I'm getting married today and I am just so happy that you'll be photographing it. This excitement to marry her person did not waiver once during their special day. 

In Afrikaans we call this type of excitement 'Gees' and it spilled over to their bridal party as well. Every room was filled with an electric energy of happiness and ever so often, you'll spot how these two sneak glances of sheer joy between each other; they were beaming! I'm excited to share some of my favourite moments of this South African farm-style wedding, surrounded by rolling hills and spectacular mountain views. Joubertsdal Country Estate was the perfect venue for a festive, autumn wedding. 


Joubertsdal Country Estate | Alsmoi by Theronda | Stationary by Kyla van Coller | Evelyn Francis MUAH | Elizabeth Stockenstrom | Aletta Francina | Second Shooter: Sone from Summerheartz Photography



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