The Cellars Hohenort Hotel, Constantia, Western Cape

This was the first time that I've met a couple for coffee and when Maryke walked up to my table I thought she could actually pass for a fairy queen or elf character from a Lord of the Rings movie. She has a subtle determination in her eyes and it was mesmerising to witness how Iosif and herself quietly communicated with each other. 

During our walk through at the wedding venue - it was no surprise that certain locations at Cellars Hohenort mimicked scenes from LOTR (I was skipping for joy when we scouted the gardens - fairytale dreams for sure. Sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy some of my favourite moments from the Greek wedding celebration; 

Do you hold Otter Swims year round?

Yes, Otter Swims are held year round. The pool is heated.

Can you hold the Sloth when you book an Otter Swim?

Yes. The Otter Swim includes the 2 hour encounter tour, where you will get to hold a baby two-toed sloth on a pillow on your lap.

What happens if it rains?

Otter Swims will still happen in the rain. The pool will be evacuated in events of lightning. In cases of extreme weather otter swims can be rescheduled.

Is there an area for observers?

Currently, we do not have an area for those not in the pool to watch.

For Kid Otter Swims do adults need a ticket?

Yes. During kid otter swims an adult with a ticket is required to be in the pool with their child.



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