Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper and I am in full support that more couples are investing in photos (paper) as their first anniversary gift to each other 


What is the significance of paper you might ask? Paper symbolises that you've started your lives together a year ago. It represents starting on a clean sheet, it is modest, fragile and a reminder of natural growth. Some also regard paper as the eternal proclamation. 

I met up with Dewald and Charné, on a Tuesday afternoon at Noordhoek beach to document and celebrate this special milestone. Whilst driving to the beach the mountains were slowly being covered by massive banks of clouds and mist and we were concerned that the light would be horrendous at the beach, but light was in our favour and we were greeted by the softest candy floss skies albeit the HEAVY winds. Here are some of my favourites from this very sandy, yet happy, anniversary session;



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