Table Mountain, Cape Town, RSA

Rahel and Joel are travellers at heart. They have been to some really epic locations and when Rahel contacted me about their trip to South Africa during November, I was more than happy to suggest some similarly epic spots for a shoot in Cape Town. 

To my delight they chose one of the 7th wonders of the world for their couple session. The day before their shoot the typical summer winds caused havoc and I thought their shoot would have to be postponed. Despite very long waiting periods, we managed to make it to the top of the mountain the following day.

The skies were a tad hazy, but this ensured a warmer glow during golden hour. We explored the mountain top, whilst chatting about travel plans and life back in Switzerland. I adored Rahel's beautiful dress she bought at a second-hand store back home. At the end of our session, we enjoyed the last rays overlooking Camps Bay, whilst queueing and sipping beers. 

I love what I do way too much to label this profession a job. Cape Town, thank you for never disappointing our guests!



Cape Town, South Africa  |  |  @marlikoenphoto

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