Table Mountain, Cape Town

I met Suné for coffee almost a year ago on a cold winters afternoon in Stellenbosch. Her sheer excitement about their celebration and marrying the man of her dreams had me super excited to document their big day. JP and Suné are truly 'sout van die aarde' people. They have hearts as big as the African continent, they care deeply for the family and friends and I immediately felt apart of their tribe when arriving at Bosjes.

Sure, this venue is something incredible and it was a dream to finally document a wedding here, but the location played second fiddle to the love, celebration and warmth experienced between everyone. Come to think of it, this group of people made this particular Saturday not feel like work. What an honour to work alongside such a stellar team of industry peers. 5 May 2018 will hold a deep significance to my career. Enjoy some of my favourite frames from this day!

Do you hold Otter Swims year round?

Yes, Otter Swims are held year round. The pool is heated.

Can you hold the Sloth when you book an Otter Swim?

Yes. The Otter Swim includes the 2 hour encounter tour, where you will get to hold a baby two-toed sloth on a pillow on your lap.

What happens if it rains?

Otter Swims will still happen in the rain. The pool will be evacuated in events of lightning. In cases of extreme weather otter swims can be rescheduled.

Is there an area for observers?

Currently, we do not have an area for those not in the pool to watch.

For Kid Otter Swims do adults need a ticket?

Yes. During kid otter swims an adult with a ticket is required to be in the pool with their child.



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