Langkloof Roses, Wellington 

This wedding was a hard one for me to document, not because of the people, but of the location. I was in a big car accident on my way home from a wedding at Langkloof Roses, late December 2016. I havent been back since and at first I was hesitant to take on this booking. Perhaps it was the need to find closure, and without their knowing Johan and Janita played an incredible role in my growth and healing. 

Sure, this venue is something incredible and it was a dream to finally document a wedding here, but the location played second fiddle to the love, celebration and warmth experienced between everyone. Come to think of it, this group of people made this particular Saturday not feel like work. What an honour to work alongside such a stellar team of industry peers. 5 May 2018 will hold a deep significance to my career. Enjoy some of my favourite frames from this day!


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