Marli Koen Photography is celebrating 5+ years in the wedding industry - Whoop whoop!


I couldn't have done it without each and every client who has entrusted me with their stories. I thank you with a grateful heart, for believing in my vision, sharing your stories so effortlessly with me and welcoming me with open arms into your lives. 

We have now reached the stage where we need to evaluate how our business is developing, which entails asking the hard questions. 

How do people find out about Marli Koen Photography in a market which is filled with a vast number of really great artists? What made clients choose me over another vendor? What is the overall experience like, when enquiring with me?


All these elements can only be answered by past and present clients. This is where I need YOUR help!


Below you'll find the questions which keep me up at night. If you have 10 mins to spare, I would really appreciate your feedback and inputs. 

Feel free to drop me an email with additional info, you think I might find useful to improve my services. 

Alternatively, you can also review my business on Facebook + Google. 



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