Rhodes Memorial, Cape Town, RSA

The one thing I love most about living in South Africa is that we are so spoiled for choice of gorgeous locations. A trend which is especially starting to excite me is that more people are choosing Cape Town as the perfect destination for their honeymoon. I couldn't agree more!

When Elizabeth contacted me from SIngapore during July to arrange a couple session for them when they came to Cape Town on honeymoon, I has happy to share I was available on her dates. 

After a few emails we finally chose a spot behind Rhodes Memorial as the perfect back drop for their shoot. It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon and the hiking trails were buzzing with walkers, their dogs and the occasional fleet of mountain bikers passing by. 

We spent the afternoon strolling the footpaths and chatting about travelling, their wedding, life in Cape Town / Singapore and having ample fits of laughter. Till we meet again ~



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