Afternoon Adventure in Constantia Valley

Mary-Kate emailed me with a description of her and Bryan which made my heart skip beats and my head doing flips - they are adventurous and love to travel and instead of getting caught up in politics, they have decided to elope. Cape Town / Africa was their dream destination and I was the extremely lucky tog who could capture their whimsical adventure for them. I spent 3 days with these two wonderful humans, all the way from Texas, USA and 

when we had to say goodbye, it felt like I was greeting my friends. I cannot wait to see how their relationship grows, how their adventure stories pile up and hopefully to visit them one day soon in the States. These adventurous hearts had me rolling with laughter and climbing mountains and chasing sunsets to my hearts content. Here are a few of my favourite moments from their pre-wedding engagement session in Constantia Valley.



Cape Town, South Africa  |  |  @marlikoenphoto

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